The Fratelli Carlo and Luca Frasa winery was founded in 2008 by Father Roberto and is located in Rodi Fiesso.

Management is purely family-run, and everyone's free time is dedicated to taking care of the vineyards, a fundamental condition for obtaining healthy, quality grapes; which guarantee the production of excellent wines.

The company currently cultivates approximately 1 hectare of Merlot vineyards (pergola and row) located in the lower Leventina, in the municipalities of Bodio and Giornico. The terrain of these regions consists of granite and gneiss. The good acidity and minerality of the soils give the wines character and a good aptitude for ageing.

The company has an underground cellar which guarantees constant temperature and humidity throughout the year, an ideal climate for the aging of wines.

With the 2014 harvest we started making Chardonnay wine, so that we could have two different types of wine (a white Chardonnay and a red Merlot).

While with the 2015 harvest we vinified our first barrel of Merlot in Barrique. This allows us to further expand our product range and have a greater choice of wines.

We are at your complete disposal to organize any type of event; tastings, aperitifs, small catering services and, for those who wish, visits to our vineyards.